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The Finnish Community Welcomes You!


FinnSource seeks to elevate the visibility of contemporary Finland in Minnesota and invite all generations of the community to participate in events and opportunities of interest.

FinnSource online provides one-stop access to “all things Finnish” in Minnesota and beyond – in partnership with organizations and businesses that offer Finnish culture, language, arts, education, business and heritage resources.



FinnSource was launched in 2017 with the first goal of supporting Minnesota celebration activities for Suomi 100, the 100th Anniversary of Finnish Independence. A network of organizations and volunteers joined together to sponsor signature events including the 2017 U.S. FinnFest, Suomi Finland 100 Chorus, cross-country Traveling Sauna, a festive Gala and hosting the President and First Lady of Finland on their official Centennial Year visit to the U.S.A.

Two other goals were envisioned: FinnSource would continue to serve as a “virtual meeting place” for the MN-Finland community and support collaborative efforts toward creating a physical gathering place for hosting Finland-related events and activities.


FinnSource is a service of the Finlandia Foundation Twin Cities, Inc., a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization (FFTC). The mission of FFTC is to:

  • Partner with other Finnish and Finnish-American organizations in presenting Finnish culture and connecting people to contemporary Finland;
  • Encourage and support Finnish and Finnish-American organizations and initiatives in the pursuit of their objectives; and
  • Serve as a connecting and support organization for information about Finland and about Finnish and Finnish-American activities locally, regionally and nationally;
  • Represent the Twin Cities in Finlandia Foundation National’s network, which provides grant and scholarship funding, and programming @ Finlandia Foundation.

FinnSource Board Of Directors:   Mirja Hanson |  Kathy Jorgensen  |  Betsey Norgard

FinnSource services are made possible by volunteers and support from our donors:

Financial contributions:

Helene Haapala
John Hanson
Mirja and Sam Hanson
Jeanne Haro
Peter Hendrickson
Minna Hovinen
Kathy and John Jorgensen
Paul Niemisto
Betsey and Al Norgard
Jeff Nurmi
Liisa Ojala
Jennifer Olivarez
Urho and Pamela Rahkola
Harlan Stoehr
Steve Sundberg
Chad Trent
K. Marianne Wargelin
Catherine Wikstrom

Expertise and services contributions:

Benjamin DeMaris
Johanna Lorbach
Elizabeth Helvi Brauer
Minna Hovinen
John Jorgensen
Beth Moorhead
Max Stevenson
Steve Sundberg
Cristina Youngren


Thank you for your support!

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