Our VISION is to build a virtual and a physical place where people can discover a connection to all things Finnish.

Our MISSION is to bring together existing and new Minnesota organizations and businesses that promote Finnish culture, business, education, and heritage through an engaging online presence.

Our GOAL is to create a physical space in the Twin Cities for hosting Finnish events and activities.


The Finnish Community Welcomes you!

FinnSource seeks to elevate the visibility of contemporary Finland in Minnesota and invite all generations of the community to participate in events and opportunities of interest. Our online presence seeks to provide a one-stop access to “all things Finnish” and broaden the reach of Finnish-related groups, specially to the young.

FinnSource is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to promote, and support Finnish and Finnish-American programs and activities in Minnesota in partnership with a network of organizations and businesses offering Finnish culture, language, arts, education, business and heritage resources and services.

FinnSource is a local chapter of the Finlandia Foundation National, dedicated to sustain both Finnish-American culture in the United States and the ancestral tie with Finland by raising funds for grants and scholarships, initiating innovative national programs and networking with local chapters.

Board of Directors

Mirja Hanson
Kathy Jorgensen
Betsey Norgard

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