Iconic Finnish Foods of All Time

Finns are passionate about their food and they know how to celebrate it. Finns are also fiercely loyal to their culinary roots. We’ve compiled a list of ten iconic foods that you SHOULD try – go on, don’t be shy.

Finnish Food Girl – Sharing Delicious Recipes from Finland and Beyond!

Amanda Stronach is a self-taught food-enthusiast and baker who loves making cookies, pastries, and other delicacies of Finnish cuisine! She created this site to share her love of baking and cooking with others Please share, comment and enjoy the dishes with your friends and family!

On Restaurant Day in Helsinki, Anyone Can Open An Eatery, Anywhere

Restaurant Day began as a civic protest. In 2011, Helsinki resident Timo Santala wanted to start a mobile bicycle bar, selling drinks and tapas. Frustrated by red tape in a city where everything is highly regulated, he imagined a day where a restaurant could open with no licenses and no limitations. Santala and his friends came up with Restaurant Day, a food carnival where anyone can open a restaurant, anywhere they want, for a single day.

Local Eateries (Minneapolis-St. Paul)

The Finnish Bistro

The Finnish Bistro is a special gathering place set in the charming St. Anthony Park neighborhood of St. Paul, first opened in 2004 by Soile Anderson.


Located in the historic Marcy-Holmes neighborhood, Luumu offers Finnish delicacies and design.

Café Finspång

Hailing from Finspång, Sweden, and located in the Midtown Global Market (Minneapolis), our unique specialty gift shop features Scandinavian baked goods, hand rolled chocolate truffles, Danish sandwiches and imported candies. Finspång also carries traditional textiles, collectibles, cookbooks, t-shirts and more!

Taste of Scandinavia Café & Bakery

Serving breakfast all day, and a tradition of great fresh baked goods from our kitchen. With three locations in the Twin Cites: North Oaks, Little Canada, and Bloomington.

Retail & Online Shopping

Ingebretsens Nordic Marketplace

Celebrating 100 years in 2020! At Ingebretsen’s, the neighboring countries of Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland live quite harmoniously under one roof. Lefse mingles with lingonberries. Sardines are next to herring. Finnish crystal sparkles on a shelf with Danish porcelain and Icelandic ceramics. Located in Minneapolis, MN.

Irma’s Finland House Gift Shop

Irma’s Finland House is a Nordic lifestyle shop established in 1967, specializing in unique imports that celebrate Nordic design and a focus on keeping our heritage alive here in the Nordic North of Virginia, Minnesota.


FinnStyle specializes in offering the widest selection of high-quality, Finnish-designed merchandise in the United States. FinnStyle’s one-of-kind shopping experience is aimed at widening your perspective, inspiring your lifestyle and promoting creativity.


Online shopping for all kinds of Finnish goods and goodies.