(Above) Finnish vs. other languages. It’s like other languages are happily playing football together. Then the Finnish language arrives wearing ice-hockey skates.


General Knowledge

Institute for the Languages of Finland

The Institute for the Languages of Finland (Kotus) is devoted to the study and language planning of Finnish and Swedish, and is an institute of expertise under the auspices of the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture.

Quick Guide to Finnish Basics

Finnish language basics are fascinating for two reasons. First, Finnish seems so random to most people. Second, the language explains many hidden cultural things.

The Building Blocks of the Finnish Language

“Welcome to the Finnish Language” is an infographic that gives us a good picture of how words are constructed in Finnish. The branches start with a single word and then, as the ending is replaced and pieces continue to be added, the word has become thoughts, phrases and whole sentences.

Finnish Phrasebook

Most Finns — including virtually all under 40 — speak at least some English. However, since so few visitors make the effort to speak Finnish, you’re guaranteed to get delighted reactions if you try.

13 Fascinating Things To Know About the Finnish Language

The Finnish language is known to be tricky for English speakers to pick up, but those who study it find it to be one of the most amazing and harmonic European languages. Here are some fascinating facts about the Nordic language and its native speakers.

Minnesota-based Language Resources

Salolampi Foundation

The Salolampi Foundation is committed to sustaining the Finnish language and culture through scholarships and programs for youth and adults supporting the Salolampi Language Village.

Concordia Language Villages – Finnish Language Camp Salolampi

The Salolampi Village offers youth and adult camps and programs throughout the year in Northern Minnesota. From floor hockey (sähly), to warm cardamom bread (pulla), language learning and quiet reflection by the lake sauna, you’ll enjoy every moment at Salolampi.

Finnish Language and Culture Seminar

The thirteenth SISU Finnish Language & Culture Seminar will take place at the University of Minnesota, Duluth, from July 26–August 1, 2020. SISU seminars provide a unique opportunity to study the Finnish language with highly qualified, native speakers of Finnish. This week-long seminar is open to adults of all ages, backgrounds, and language skills.

All levels of Finnish language skills are welcome, though some acquaintance with the language is recommended at the beginner level.

Finnish Language School of Minnesota

The Finnish Language School of Minnesota, a/k/a Minnesotan Suomi-koulu, is an organization geared toward connecting families and individuals with a Finnish heritage or an interest in the Finnish language and culture. The school has groups for beginners and higher fluency for all ages, from baby to adult.

University of Minnesota – Finnish Language Classes

The University of Minnesota boasts the largest Finnish language program in the US, the only one to offer a full six semesters of language study. Although we are large, class sizes are small, and students get to know one another very well! We also offer a weekly conversation hour at a local coffee shop where Finnish speakers of all levels are welcome to enjoy a cup of coffee and chat about whatever interests them. Our only rule is: no English!

Students also take advantage of the many local Finnish-related events in the Twin Cities area as well as summer language programs in Finland.

American Swedish Institute: Swedish and Finnish LanguageClasses

Learn to speak Swedish or Finnish in our adult language learning community at ASI! Our 9-week language classes run for 3 terms throughout the year and meet once per week for 90 minutes. We offer skilled instructors and small, friendly classes with a minimum of five, and a maximum of 15 students.

Designed for students 18 years and older. We offer language opportunities for beginning, intermediate and advanced speakers, plus accelerated classes that move at a faster pace.

Listen and learn Finnish Lessons in Minneapolis

Our native-speaking qualified Finnish teachers can guide you and your group at your work or at home, at a time convenient to you. Classes can take place on any day of the week – even weekends – morning, afternoon or evening. If needs be, if meeting at your office or home is not suitable, you can take your lessons at the trainer’s office.

Language Studies in Finland

Study in Finland

Finnish higher education institutions currently offer over 400 bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes taught in English. Doctoral study and research options are available, too. Most of the bachelor’s degree programmes taught in English are offered by universities of applied sciences (UAS), whereas most of the master’s programmes taught in English are offered by universities.

Institute for the Languages of Finland

The Institute for the Languages of Finland (Kotus) is
devoted to the study and language planning of
Finnish and Swedish. We also coordinate the
activities of the Saami, Romani, and Sign Language
Boards.Most of our research is published as
dictionaries, research papers, and monographs. The
language planning and name planning functions
provide a variety of services to those interested, and
the Language Office offers telephone counselling and
organizes courses. The general public can also access
our extensive linguistic archives.